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We use certified organic ingredients to formulate functional products for our customers.

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The History of the Headwrap

Hair Stories

Hair Care

Discovery the history of the headwrap so highly favoured by black women.


We all love to hear hair stories, so read on.


Learn the importance of adjusting your hair care regime during the seasonal weather.


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Certified organic ingredients

We use certified organic ingredients to formulate our products.

Fair Trade

We support women in Africa by purchasing ingredients from their village.

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Be kind to the environment we live in.

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My main problems were I usually suffer with dry/sore scalp every few days and I had ruined my curls through heat/bleach but desperate to fix them. Your products have helped soo much!! I’ve been using both the healthy scalp growth and the hair loss strength hair oils on alternative washes and it’s worked wonders.
Demi Leigh

Best selling products

Healthy Scalp Growth
Strength Hair Loss

I've always had growing hair but as quick as it grew it would go thin/break but now I hardly lose any and my ends don't even split. I've been purchasing from them for a while now.